Thank you for visiting the IPMS/Chicago Sprue Stretchers website. We’ve been around since the late ‘60s. We’re just a collection of everyday, average guys who like to build and discuss plastic models. Our group’s interests span the entire modeling spectrum: aircraft, armor, automotive, sci-fi, ships, figures, etc. Skill levels vary from the recreational builder to the scratchbuilding master. All skill levels and interests are welcomed. Having fun and enjoyment with the hobby is our goal.

Our meetings are very informal and usually last an hour. A typical meeting starts with IPMS national and regional news, followed by club business, then any hobby news that anyone may have heard. Once these items are taken care of, it’s on to the good stuff. No two meetings are ever alike. On any given night we will have full build presentations, in-progress reports, in-box and product reviews, tips and technique demonstrations. No put-downs. No nit-picking. Just a sharing of knowledge and enjoyment.

After the meeting, for those who can, we trek to a nearby eating establishment for food and refreshment and to have more in-depth discussions on the night’s subjects, or any subject for that matter. The cuisine is great and so are the conversations. Overall, it makes for a very enjoyable night.